Owner Janet Forlini’s inspiration for Clove & Cedar Coffeebar began twenty-five years ago. In the mid 1990’s, Janet’s mother, always an avid lover of news and journalism, bought and became publisher of a weekly newspaper in the small town outside of Boston where Janet grew up. Twenty-five years later, the newspaper remains a vital part of the community fabric there. 

Janet saw that same opportunity for community connections in independent coffee shops. After living in Bethesda for more than 15 years, Janet has built strong relationships with residents and small business owners in the community, especially in her role as a mom to two now-teenage daughters. Bethesda is a distinct place, with residents who are both globally engaged and locally active. Janet created Clove & Cedar Coffeebar with the mission of shining a spotlight on local businesses and community endeavors, and also offering a welcoming spot for folks to relax, work or meet a friend.

The name, Clove & Cedar Coffeebar, was inspired by the specialty coffee industry’s lexicon to describe coffee’s delicate tastes and aromas. Ceremony Coffee, the core offering for Clove & Cedar, roasted in nearby Annapolis, elevates the coffee experience with its intricate tasting notes. Similar intentionality is woven through every part of Clove & Cedar: each wholesale partner was consciously selected for its high-quality food and drink and almost all of these independent businesses started right here in the DMV.  Clove & Cedar is also environmentally conscious, partnering with a local composting company to reduce waste.

Janet was drawn to coffee partially for the way it intertwined history with modernity: the custom of sharing coffee is centuries old yet third wave coffee is current. Similarly, if you walk into Clove & Cedar Coffeebar you’ll see contemporary touches but will also notice a few nods to the history of Bethesda and nearby Chevy Chase.  

So, drop by and spend a little time with us and have a bite to eat or a sip to drink. And know that by visiting Clove & Cedar Coffeebar, you’ll be supporting multiple local businesses and helping to weave the fabric of our community.